The way our Club came about…

Dave Plank arrived in Winchester in 1956 towing a Model T on his trailer.   John Jackson saw this and followed Dave to his home (the old Willow Lawn Apartments, which sat near where Winchester Ford is today).  John introduced himself and handed Dave a new Model T ignition key; he had many.  This started their friendship.

In 1958, John Jackson, Dave Plank, along with Shirley Bly, Bobbie Huffman, Rufus Josey, Robert Pierce, and Earl Shade met and formed the Shenandoah Antique Auto Club.  In Feb 1959 we received our charter and became the Shenandoah Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Inc.  

The Shenandoah Region immediately began making plans to host the first Apple Blossom Meet in Winchester in conjunction with the nationally known “Apple Blossom Festival”. This was a wonderful opportunity as we drove our old cars in the Grand Feature Parade as thousands viewed the parade from reserved bleachers.  We had our car show the following day on Handley High School Boulevard and school grounds.  After that exciting beginning in 1959, we were known as the Apple Blossom Region and paved the way for the “Festival” to spread to three days…now a whole week. The Shenandoah Region has hosted 2 National Spring Meets.  During the year we have monthly meetings, picnics, Sunday Fun Runs and attend other regional and national events for “Old Cars.”